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About Us

Continental Club – Frequent Travel Unravelled

Whether you’re researching, planning, arranging, amending or confirming your travels, we've made everything as simple as 1,2,3:

Select from our categories of travel, from flights to ferries and taxis to trains

We’ll show you a comprehensive list of travel suppliers tailored specifically to your needs

We'll take you to the precise page on the supplier's website - direct, non-stop, and as fast as we possibly can

And, when you're done, we'll still be here ready to fast-track you to your next online destination.

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Your email inbox is full of offers. Ours is too. We read them, check them, think about how you’ll use them and then, and only then, if we think that they make the grade, we’ll publish them. And, if we can, we’ll have them here before they’re anywhere else – because the first to take advantage will usually benefit from the best availability.


You travel. We travel too. We travel because we have to and we travel because we want to. We fly, we stay, we hire, we buy, we cancel, we change, we check-in, we check-out and we love it. We are you, and we think the web is wonderful as well. We want to do things quickly, to get it right first time; not to spend hours going down search engine dead-ends. We want to make sure that we get our just-rewards; we want to research and learn more when we have the time. So, we’ve created the website that we want to use. Because when it comes to travel, we are you. 


We’re not a price-comparison website, and here’s why: comparison websites are useful for getting a feel for what might be available and what you might be charged. However, there’s not a single travel comparison website that will show you every possible option. And, no matter how good the comparison site, there’s no guarantee that the websites that they themselves interrogate are live, up-to-date or indeed making available the actual price that you’ll pay. Booking fees, card fees and other add-ons are often not included. You might also have some special personal affiliations and discounts through a loyalty programme, or your bank, or your credit card - and price-comparison sites can’t usually cope with that either. So there’s no single-site silver bullet for seeking out travel deals on the web. If you want to be sure of the best offer, you’ll have to put in the leg-work and visit multiple suppliers’ sites as well as the comparison sites. That’s where we come in: listing those sites and providing the quickest links to their content and functionality. There’s still a place for traditional travel agents in your search; don’t be afraid to pick up that ‘phone from time to time too.

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